NPCs met by party


Davrin: head of the Adventuring Hall in Clapford. Human. Skinny, with brown hair and eyes. Slightly terrifying to all of the party.

Messash: Owner of the inn in town. Friendly, jovial Catfolk. Still a bit afraid of Simitod.


Kralton: Mayor of the town of Shandin. Former soldier. Human; heavyset, with brown hair and eyes. Missing +1 Shield of Blinding.

Dirella: Sent for adventurers in Shandin. Human. Rail thin, with dishwater blond hair and pale blue eyes. Missing ring of counterspells.

Donald: Husband of Dirella and owner of the armory. Human. Built like a brick house, with auburn hair and blue eyes. Offering custom weapons for whoever can find the thief who stole several masterwork weapons from him.

Feltana: Potion-maker in Shandin. Human. Overweight, with black hair and eyes. Missing several potions and a Ring of the Ram.

Veras: Undertaker in Shandin. Human. Emaciated, with ddark brown hair and black eyes. Missing several gems, indeterminate type.

Gerard: Owner of The Merchant’s Rest, the inn in Shandin. Human. Thin and tall, with red hair and green eyes. His strongbox was emptied.

Kepsin: a salt merchant. Human. Small and thin, with brown hair and hazel eyes. Missing a large block of salt and a +1 cold Kukri.

Krushekk & Vrushekk: twin chiefs of the bugbear tribe near Shandin. Their children are currently being held hostage by a Red Dragon.

Sneakythief: Goblin. Greenish skin, black hair, and red eyes. Managed to run away from the players once. Works for the red dragon.


Xavier Falconreach: Nobleman’s son. Human. Thin, with brown hair and eyes. As arrogant as humanly possible.

Durg: Xavier’s personal bodyguard. Half-orc. Dumb as a post and terrified of Simitod.

Serapis: Priest of Heironius and companion of Xavier and Durg. Human. Tall and rail-thin, with brown hair and eyes. Fire-and-brimstone preacher who sees evil everywhere.

NPCs met by party

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